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Marine Industry Products

Jastram has partnered with some of the best OEMs in the marine industry to ensure we offer only the highest quality solutions to our customers.

Den Haan Rotterdam

Commercial grade LED and navigational light systems

Phoenix Lighting

Extremely durable outdoor and technical lights


Indoor, outdoor and technical marine lighting

The Carlisle & Finch Co.

High quality marine search lights since 1894

Karl Dose

Specialty marine and offshore lighting


Environmentally friendly ultrasonic and anti-fouling technology

Hamilton Jet

Water jet propulsion and control systems


Engineered cooling solutions using GRIDCOOLER Keel coolers and WEKA Box coolers

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG

Transfer tunnel thrusters, azimuth grid thrusters and rudder propellers

Jastram Engineering Ltd.

Steering controls, components & systems engineered and manufactured in Canada


Marine steering equipment and spare parts for diverse vessels

Hamann AG

Black and gray water treatment systems


Underwater repair and underwater maintenance solutions

Subsea Industries

Specialty high performing underwater coating


Premium captain and Helm chairs


Marine, industrial horns, and warning systems


Components and solutions for fire protection


Oil and mist detection systems for engines